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Revenue from registration fees accounts for less than half of the funds we need to operate a first-class program for the kids. Furthermore, we do not receive a large government grant to fund operations (and in today’s political climate, it’s not a good thing to rely too much on such grant as sources of income).

As such, we do some significant fundraising to ensure that the kids have great equipment and uniforms, that the game-day experience is outstanding, and that coaches and volunteers have the resources they need and are appreciated. Our fundraising philisophy is “go big, or go home”. Small fundraisers that do not provide a big return on the time/effort/money investment or that do not greatly enhance the culture of our program are not undertaken. In the past two years, our primary fundraisers have been raffles (in 2011 for cash or Grey Cup tickets) and partnering with the NWSS program in their annual Tailgate Auction & Gala. If you’ve got great fundraising ideas, let us know!

Thanks to everyone who supports our fundraisers and makes it possible to run such a great program.

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*Hyacks Football respects individual choice.  Here is the link for vaccinations that is being recommended by the BCCDC.

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